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Personalised Home Staging Solutions

Purchasing a house is a huge financial decision for most people. As such, people weigh all things carefully before making it. Aside from the costs and the neighbourhood, people also consider their vision of a perfect home when they go house shopping. When they envision themselves living their ideal life in a particular property, they are more likely to purchase the house.

Perks Design understands that a beautifully staged home tends to sell faster than a house that has not been properly prepared. We provide personalised staging solutions that help promote your home in the market. Our goal is to bring a home to life so that it can create an emotional connection with a potential buyer.

Giving Your Home a Competitive Edge

With most homebuyers searching for homes online, presentation is essential. At Perks Design, we will make your house stand out so that it sells faster and at your desired selling price.

We will make your space appealing and memorable so that potential buyers will fall in love with your home. By personalising the design and decorations, you are more likely to get an edge over your competitors, allowing you to sell your property quickly on the market. You can rely on our team of professional stagers who have years of experience in making properties more beautiful and more marketable.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the act of creating a better appearance for a residential property. Home stagers aim to make a house look cleaner, brighter and more appealing. The goal is to make a home more attractive to potential buyers so that it is sold quicker and at a higher price.

Home staging involves the improvement of a property’s appeal through cleaning and decluttering. It also involves design and decoration to make the home more attractive. Stagers may add accessories, greenery, carpet and fresh coats of paint, and they may also rearrange or temporarily replace furniture.

The Benefits of Staging a Home for Selling


It helps your home stand out

Similar to meeting new people, first impressions matter in home buying. When prospective buyers search for homes online, their first impression of your home will be formed by the pictures you posted. Home staging helps your home stand out from competitors, making it more appealing to buyers at first sight.


It maximises the space of your property

Home stagers know how to bring out the best features of every home. If your property is small, we help potential buyers focus on the potential openness instead of the small square footage.


Staged homes lead to higher offers

The goal of home staging is to make a property appeal to buyers. When more people are interested in a house, multiple bidding offers can begin, at better prices.

Why Choose Perks Design?

At Perks Design, we take pride in staging homes that are sold quickly and at a higher price. We work closely with you to create a look that is appealing to homebuyers but still retains the personality you’ve created for the property.

We understand that each home seller has a different budget, so we work with whatever we have to stage your home, no matter your budget. We also take pride in delivering on time so that your property is ready for the market.

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